Ella van Breda


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Ella van Breda creates artwork from her hometown in Brighton where she was born in 1986. The boundaries between the manmade and natural environments are key to Ella's work. Observations of crowds of both people and animals are the subject of her paintings. They highlight comparisons between species and incorporate the idea of humans as part of the natural world.

The simplified figures and shapes draw attention to form and movement. Ella spends time engaging with her local environment, viewing crowds from first hand. Individual character traits can be seen within the figures, with the animals often taking on anthropomorphic qualities.


Education and Qualifications:

University of Brighton (2007-2008) - First Class BA (hons) Art and Design Top Up Degree

University of Brighton (2005-2007) - HND Fine Art

City College Brighton & Hove (2004-2005) - Foundation Studies (Art & Design) with Distinction